4 Ways to Find Client Leads on Social Media

4 Ways to Find Client Leads on Social Media


Social media and Christmas are basically the same.

They both vary drastically depending on who you engage with. It’s up to you whether you decide to engage in conversations with the crazy aunt Selmas of the world who waste your time and energy, or whether you engage with the Neds of the world, that add value to your conversations. (Did you catch The Simpsons references here? Best show ever.)

So now that Christmas is over and done with, what are your goals for 2015?

Now is the perfect time to think about your social media goals and laser focus your vision on increasing leads. (It’s also the perfect time to buy a half-priced, grey, furry throw from Chapters as its sales are amazing. You can thank me later.)

Here are 4 ways to find client leads on social media:

  1. Throw a Twitter Voting Contest

Twitter voting contests aren’t very common, however, they can have a huge impact on your business. Take MTV UK for example. They held a Twitter voting contest for people to vote for their favourite artists such as Justin Bieber or One Direction. The results were unbelievable. #MTVHottest generated 166 million Tweets using a single hashtag.

So if you aren’t Justin Bieber, how can you benefit from a Twitter contest?

You can throw a Twitter contest asking a question and offering a prize. People have to enter their email to vote and the prize should be directly related to your company. This way you are more likely to gain new leads that are genuinely interested in your products.


  1. Find leads from LinkedIn Groups

Like making full fat, nutmeg infused eggnog from scratch, LinkedIn groups can be amazing, but only if you know what you are doing.

So here are some simple tips that will drastically help grow your leads on LinkedIn:

  • Join groups that contain your target market
  • Check out all the members in the group
  • Find the members that could be potential leads
  • Send these members inMail or ask them to connect

And voilà, you have an easy new way to find leads on LinkedIn.


  1. Create a Twitter Lead Generation Card

You can pay for leads on Twitter by creating lead generation cards. These attractive cards contain compelling offers and easy calls to action. People merely have to hit the call to action buttons and their email addresses will automatically populate on the card and be sent to you. What could be easier?

Here is an example of a lead generation card from Priceline.


  1. Ask customers for their information on your website

One of the most important jobs of many company websites or blogs is to capture email addresses. So what’s the easiest way to do this?




Yep. It’s that simple. Ask for peoples’ emails and in return offer them something they can’t resist.

For example, I could ask you to sign up to my newsletter for a free e-book on 100 ways to stop your crazy aunty Selma from stealing your new, half-priced, grey, Chapters fleece throw.

Hubspot are an exceptional example of a company that have mastered the art of asking for leads. The inbound marketing and sales company constantly offer free, high-quality, e-books in return for lead information. See a great example here.

If you want a free and easy tool to capture lead information, check out Hello Bar. This customizable bar easily fits on top of your website to attracts the user’s eye to sign up for your newsletter and get a free gift.

Hello Bar

How are you planning to increase leads in 2015? Tweet me @bdgllp.

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