5 Free and Fun Apps to Save You Money in Your Small Business

Saving money can be as fun as trying to get your office dog to stop tearing apart the office piñata you bought for your admin assistant’s birthday. But with these 5 free apps to save you money in your small business, saving money is about to get more exciting. Check them out here…

1. Wave Apps

If you are a small business that writes invoices on Word, Excel or on Starbucks napkins, say hello to a more efficient alternative, Wave Apps.

This free software allows you to create unlimited invoices, use a free accounting software to connect to your bank accounts in real time, and scan and save unlimited receipts.

2. Trim

Whether you are getting calculators automatically sent to your office every month or recently bought your office cat a monthly Steve Nash membership, reoccurring bills that are expensive or numerous can hurt your bottom line.

That’s where Trim comes in. It analyzes reoccurring expenses and automatically calculates if it can negotiate lower prices for you with a service provider, or find a cheaper service provider elsewhere.

3. Streak

Like Kale, customer relationship management (CRM) software can be unattractive, difficult to use, and may not contribute to your personal wellbeing, even though it’s supposed to.

That’s why we rejoiced when we heard of Streak.

This free and ridiculously attractive Gmail CRM add on easily tracks your communication with clients, allows you to set up reminders of when to contact them next, allows you to see when someone has viewed your email, helps you schedule emails to send automatically later, and lets you and up to 5 members of your team share information about clients for free.

4. Gas Buddy

Unless you get to work meetings on an electric skateboard (and if you do – we salute you), gas prices for work can add up. You can save hundreds of dollars on gas a year with Gas Buddy.

This intelligent app shows you the cheapest gas prices nearest to your current location, and also has a top ten cheapest gas list in your city. (Which technically means, with the money you save, you can buy an electric skateboard to travel to work.) Everyone wins.

5. Pandle

Want to get your feet wet with some free accounting software before you take a leap into other paid softwares like Quickbooks and Freshbooks?

Try Pandle. With over 30,000 happy users, it’s a pretty well rounded software that allows users to create invoices and accept payments with Pandle’s payment system “Pandle pay”.

Pay a little extra and you also can create invoices and connect your bank feed to the software. A job well done Pandle.

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