5 Rad Ways For Your Biz To Increase Employee and Client Happiness This Christmas

5 Rad Ways For Your Biz To Increase Employee and Client Happiness This Christmas

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It’s nearly time to sip drinks with nogs in them and get together for big gatherings with odd family members – because it’s going to be Christmas soon!

The cool thing about Christmas is you can use it as a tool to increase employee and customer happiness. As happiness is really one of the biggest gifts of all.

Well, that and craft beer advent calendars. Because let’s get serious – those are awesome.

So if you are looking for some ways to genuinely help the world this year, check out these following ideas…

1. Volunteer

An easy and unique way for you and your employees to celebrate the Christmas season together is by volunteering at a local organization such as serving at a soup kitchen or walking dogs at a dog shelter.

Why? Researchers from the London School of Economics found that American adults who volunteered every month were 7% more happy than those who didn’t volunteer.

Volunteering together also increases feelings of connection with each other as you are working towards a greater purpose together.

2. Start your own Christmas Traditions

Are there any Christmas traditions you would like to start for your small biz?

For example, Korna, a local small biz pet store in North Vancouver BC, hire a Santa to sit in the store to take pictures with dogs.

Perhaps you could offer Christmas puppy therapy sessions for stressed out workers and clients by having adoptable rescue puppies available for hugs at your office.

3. Join Forces

If you want to offer your customers Christmas discounts but don’t have the cash, a cool way to offer shimmering Christmas deals is to join forces with a company that could help your clients.

For instance, if you are a coffee shop, you can join forces with the pop up donut shop a couple of streets down and offer your customers an unexpected free craft donut during Christmas.

In return you can give some of your delicious coffee free to the donut store. This way the donut shop is happy. Your customers are happy. And you are happy. Everyone wins.

4. Tell ‘em how you feel

One thing that really makes our hearts feel warm and toasty is when people call or write to us to thank us for our work. They give us specific examples of what we did well, and why they are grateful.

If you want to show your employees and clients how much they mean to you, write or email thank you letters that genuinely show why you appreciate them.

Not only will this make their day, it will also improve your day.

Studies show that focusing on gratitude can actually change your brain to focus on more positive than negative things in your environment and can increase your levels of happiness. (Try this: for the month of December write one thank you letter a day, and see if it changes your mood.)

5. If all else fails, give your staff a craft beer advent calendar

We were pretty impressed when we heard about the craft beer advent calendar.

Your staff can take turns opening the calendar, and each day, someone different can take a nice bottle of beer home with them (or if your office permits, use the bottle for beer Fridays.)

Check out these liquor stores in BC for places where you can buy the craft beer advent calendar.

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