5 Snazzy Products to ask for this Christmas for your Office

Hide the stale Christmas cookies at the back of your office fridge, and throw the fake Christmas tree out of the window, it’s time for some new and snazzy ideas to spruce up your Christmas holidays at your small business office this year.

Here are 5 products to ask for this Christmas for your office!

1. Grinch edition BarkBox for your office dog

If you have office dogs, real or imagined, ask for the Grinch edition of BarkBox for your office this Christmas. BarkBox is a gift set for your dog that he can subscribe to every month for $21. Every BarkBox has at least 2 innovative toys, 2 all-natural bags of treats, and a chew. And each month has a different theme such as this December’s theme of the Grinch to celebrate Christmas (and the people who hate Christmas.)

2. An office desk that turns into a bed

Whether you want a lunchtime snooze or want to pretend you are sleeping to deter coworkers from asking you for your stapler, ask for this office desk that turns into a bed from Resource Furniture. This piece comes with a life time warranty, is made in Italy, and allows you much needed rest time so that you can give it your all in Friday afternoon meetings.

3. A humidifier that looks like a light bulb

If you’ve ever wanted a humidifier that looks like a light bulb, you are now in luck. Simply fill the bulb humidifier by BeiLan with water and watch this colour changing, USB powered contraption fill the air with swirls of cool fragrant mist. The humidifier comes with an auto shut off and is sure to fill your office air with humidity and jealousy for anyone who doesn’t own one.

4. A picture of a duck reading a book

Nothing will get your clients bonding with you quicker than placing a picture of a duck reading a book in your office. This conversation piece will get your clients asking the big questions of life such as does the duck like the book, and why did you place a picture of a duck reading a book in your waiting area. Place this above your desk that turns into a bed, and you will have a winning combination for success.

5. A gadget to geo locate your keys and wallet

Have an employee that’s always late because he lost his keys, wallet or shoes? Hand him the handy dandy Tile App. The small square tracker attaches to any item you think you might lose such as your laptop, bicycle, or keys and its location can be tracked using your smart phone. Your phone can also activate a sound on the Tile app so that you can locate the item when you are near it.

We hope you enjoyed our list of snazzy Christmas presents. In addition to these thoughtful gifts, have you thought about gifting the present of a month of cloud accounting to a well deserving friend? Get in touch with us today, to see what packages we offer to make accounting light and breezy.

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