5 Supplies To Impress Clients At Meetings

5 Supplies To Impress Clients At Meetings

Think of the last time you saw a James Bond movie. Have you ever noticed he’s really fabulous in meetings? He is always sharply dressed, extremely captivating and has nifty tools literally up his sleeve.

He is always prepared for anything.

Whether you are trying to save the world, meet with employees or want the business of a potential client, it’s important to be organized for meetings.

We’ve put together a list of some of our fave high tech and suave items that will take your meetings to a whole new level.

1. Smart Kapp Smart White Board, Starting at $899

Smart Kapp, Smart white board

If you’ve ever remotely sat in on a meeting with many attendants, you may have found it difficult to pay attention as you didn’t have real time visuals to follow.

Smart Kapp helps solve this problem with the fantastic invention of its smart white board. This white board works as a regular white board, however anything you write on it also appears on the Smart Kapp app that up to 250 attendees can watch. The nifty smart board comes in either a 42″ portrait model or an 84″ landscape model.

Check out how it works here.

2. Power Card Battery Charger, $35

power card charger, emergency phone charger

If you are using your phone all day for phone meetings, client calls or YouTube cat videos, it’s easy to drain the battery on it. Luckily there is a fancy charger called Power Card that will charge any electronic product with a USB connection. It also looks pretty cool while doing it.

It’s ultra thin and only measures 3.5 inches tall by 2.25 inches wide, so you can keep it in your car, your pocket, or your handbag/briefcase. It also comes in a variety of patterns to impress the pickiest of battery charger enthusiasts.

3. Women’s Tumi Voyageur Calais Business Backpack, $390

Voyageur Tumi Backpack, meeting supplies

Carrying around heavy laptops and files can be a little bit of a drain. Women can easily transport their items with this attractive Tumi Voyageur Calais Business Backpack.

The professional and fashionable looking backpack has room for a 15 inch laptop, and has pockets for other electronics and supplies. It weighs 1.8 pounds and is made of lightweight nylon with leather trim. It also has a leather carry handle and padded shoulder straps for maximum comfort.

4. Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2, Starting at $499.99

yoga tablet 2 pro, tablet with projector, Ashton Kutcher Tablet, meeting supplies

Ashton Kutcher partnered up with Lenovo to make the Lenovo Yoga Tablet. This unique tablet does everything a tablet should do but it also, wait for it, has a movie projector built into it.

This little marvel will come in handy if you want to show your client an impressive video showcasing your products. You simply play the video and point the projector part of the tablet at a wall. (Dark room and blank wall not included with purchase.)

The Lenovo Yoga Table 2 also comes with an Intel® Atom™ Quad-Core Processor, 8W JBL® Earphones and a 13.3-inch WQHD Display with Wide-View. It also has a built in kickstand so it can be used tilted, stood up or hung off a hook from a wall.

5. Moo MiniCards, Starting at $21.99 for 100 business cards

moo mini business cards, business meeting supplies

Moo MiniCards are a perfect way to showcase your products and contact information on mini rectangular business cards that aim to impress. In fact you can even print a different design on each card.

Choose from a variety of stocks including one of our favourites, the Luxe stock that is four layers of sumptuous Mohawk Superfine sandwiched together to create the ultimate MiniCard (pictured above). You can also purchase a leather MiniCard holder for $20.99 to keep all of your creations in one stylish place.

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