5 Tools to Save an Hour a Day When Working From Home

5 Tools to Save an Hour a Day When Working From Home   When I started working from home my typical business day would go like this… Start work. Look at email. Groupon sends me fantastic deals that I can’t resist. Spend 10 minutes trying to decide whether to purchase a how to become a pet psychic in 10 days e-course (animals not included). Get back to work. Notice a…  Read more

4 Ways to Find Client Leads on Social Media

4 Ways to Find Client Leads on Social Media Social media and Christmas are basically the same. They both vary drastically depending on who you engage with. It’s up to you whether you decide to engage in conversations with the crazy aunt Selmas of the world who waste your time and energy, or whether you engage with the Neds of the world, that add value to your conversations. (Did you…  Read more

Why Cloud Accounting and Dog Grooming Will Change Your Life

Why Cloud Accounting and Dog Grooming Will Change Your Life   I had a life changing moment a year ago. I realized there are easy or difficult ways to do things. Sounds simple doesn’t it? But really think about it. Are there tasks you have to do everyday that you find difficult or frustrating? Here are two golden nuggets of wisdom I have for you: You can either: Outsource these…  Read more

New Canadian Tax Provisions

New Canadian Tax Provisions and Pumpkin Spice Lattés Photo by: kkmarais Trying to balance your expenses between your kids, pet and pumpkin spice lattés (they really are delish) can be difficult. However, the government wants to help. On October 30, 2014, the federal government introduced 3 new tax measures to help you live a more affordable life in Canada. The new measures include a new family tax cut, an increase to…  Read more

5 Smartphone Apps for Efficient Entrepreneurs

5 Smartphone Apps for Efficient Entrepreneurs Photo by: Sebastien Wiertz Smartphones are powerful little tools that can help you escape from reality or create your reality. If you are like the average person, you may check your smartphone 150 times a day. However, if you spend the majority of your work day focusing on business productivity, you are more likely to be a more efficient, rock-star entrepreneur or small business owner. Here are…  Read more

Why Small Businesses Should Be Highly Concerned with Fraud

WHY SMALL BUSINESSES SHOULD BE HIGHLY CONCERNED WITH FRAUD Photo by: David Goehring Criminals are smart. They have hit the jackpot when it comes to targeting the perfect victims to steal from – small business owners. So why would Joe criminal want to run away with money from a small business such as an innocent mom and pap ice-cream store? The key is small business owners (especially new ones) are…  Read more

What Does Canada’s New Anti-Spam Law Mean for Your Business?

WHAT DOES CANADA’S NEW ANTI-SPAM LAW MEAN FOR YOUR BUSINESS Photo by: Susan Sermoneta   Canada’s new anti-spam laws (CASL) are quite dramatic. For example, if you have an enthusiastic intern and they send a well-meaning message to a large client list that goes against the CASL, your company could be charged $10 million. The irony of the CASL is that no one really understands how it works as many of…  Read more

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