How to Change Subconscious Beliefs about Money

Shame. Fear. Guilt. Power. Freedom.

These are some of the automatic emotions we feel about money according to motivational speaker Tony Robbins.

He believes we have trained our brains to react to financial circumstances with those emotions. We make these choices unconsciously, and therefore we often select emotions that do not serve us in a productive way.

If you have negative subconscious thoughts towards money, such as “I do not deserve to be wealthy” or “Money is not important”, when you do receive money, it’s likely you will unconsciously sabotage your ability to keep or grow the money.

If on the other hand, you have positive thoughts towards money such as “I deserve money.” “Money helps me help more people.” You will likely seek more ways to make money and keep it.

In this article we are going to discuss 5 ways to change your subconscious beliefs towards money.

1. Find your beliefs towards money

Complete the two sentences: Money is ______. Money means ______ for me.

Keep rewriting these sentences as quickly as you can until you run out of ways to fill in the blanks.

Now read over what you’ve just written.

If your thoughts are all positive, congrats, you probably don’t need to read the rest of this article.

If they aren’t, congrats for acknowledging what your limited beliefs are. Keep reading.

2. Change your beliefs to towards money

We are all motivated by different things in life. For example, some folks are motivated by significance. Others are motivated by service.

The best way to change your belief about money is to find out what your 5 core life values are, then use money to power these values.

Choose your top 5 values from this list of values below:
















Fun/Lightness of Being





Holistic well-being











Physical Well-Being


Quality Relationships

Respect for Others






Service to Others





Other _____________

Other _____________

Other _____________

(List of values is from Light House Visionary Strategies a mentorship service for female entrepreneurs in Whistler, BC).

Once you have found your top 5 values, write down how money could be used to strengthen these values.

For example, one of my top values is learning. The more money I have, the more I can take in-person, 4-day courses that will strengthen my learning.

3. Change your feelings towards money

Some people are more feeling vs. thinking learners. So for this exercise, write down one word about how you want to feel during 2018. For example, I want to feel powerful.

Now write down all the ways money could help you feel this feeling more often. For instance if I had more money, I could be more financially independent from my partner which would make me feel more powerful.

4. Visualize how you want to be with money

Our brains react to a visualization as if the visualization is actually happening.

For example, let’s say you dream about falling, a common dream we’ve all likely had.

What does your body do? It reacts as if you are falling. Your muscles tense up. You feel extremely scared. Your heart starts to pound.

In the same way, visualizations can train your body to feel a certain way about certain triggers such as money. So that when you actually come across money in real life, you will start reacting to it like in your visualizations.

Every night before you go to sleep, visualize for 5 minutes how you want to be and feel with money this year. For example see yourself obtaining a new client and feeling worthy of it. Or see yourself looking at your bank account and feeling competent.

5. Make steps to do the things you visualize about

The key to success is taking action about the things you visualize about.

Write down a list of 4 things you have been visualizing about. Write down where you are now. And where you want to be. Then write down a plan about how to get to each of these things and work towards these goals this year.

For example.

What I want: I want to have enough money to hire an assistant so I can spend more time with my family.

Where am I: I currently have $30 a month I can put towards hiring an assistant.

Steps to get where I want to be: I can get two new clients in 6 months which will cover the cost of an in-person assistant. Or I can get one new client in 6 months which will cover the cost to hire a virtual assistant.

If you’ve been struggling with money for a while and want some help – get in touch. Money fears are common for many people and we understand how they can get in the way of business success. We can show you ways to save money and run your biz more efficiently. Contact us for a free consult.

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