4 Characteristics of Successful Business Owners

It takes a certain type of unique, iron-clad grit and tenacity to be a business owner. This is because entrepreneurs face very low odds of succeeding compared to an employee: In fact up to 90% of start-ups will fail according to Forbes.com. So what is it that the 10% of successful business owners are doing to set them apart from the rest? Here are 4 characteristics of successful business owners:…  Read more

How to build Mental Toughness like an Olympic Medalist for your Small Business

Have you ever wondered why some people can thrive after life’s dramatic challenges and others mentally collapse? According to Jim Loehr, a performance psychologist and Paul G. Stoltz, Chairman of the Global Resilience Institute, working in peak performance and maintaining resiliency needs to be practiced. For example the average professional athlete spends most of his or her time practicing and only a small percentage actually competing. However the typical executive…  Read more

4 Signs Cloud Accountants Can Make You Happier

4 Signs Cloud Accountants Can Make You Happier Whether we realize it or not, pain and pleasure drive most of our decisions in life. For example, if you’re an entrepreneur, why did you start your own business? It’s likely you wanted to avoid the pain of an overbearing manager telling you what to do and wanted the pleasure of doing what you wanted, when you wanted. But now that you…  Read more

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