Breanne Pettigrew

Office Admin & Support

Breanne is a big hockey fan and actually met her husband when they played beer league hockey together. They are now a family of three and her favourite thing is spending time together and watching her little man grow! Breanne can often be found daydreaming about her next trip to Puerto Vallarta and hopes to retire there one day.


Breanne likes to say that the accounting world found her. She is a Journeyman Hairstylist and after a sports injury, had to go down a different career path. After accepting a reception job at a car dealership, her boss started handing her more and more accounting work, and she was hooked! Breanne then registered for her first accounting courses and completed her Certificate in Management Applications.


After having her son, Breanne’s priorities shifted. They were no longer focused on the big downtown corporate world and more focused on having a work-life balance. Spending two hours a day commuting was no longer an annoyance that went along with the job, but something that took time away from her family. The world of online accounting gives you access to the information you need, whenever or wherever you need it. Working cloud based lets her access so many apps and tools to make the job more efficient and accurate, and it also removes her biggest pet peeve: wasted paper!

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