Jerry Dhamrat, CPA, CA


Jerry is a huge sports fan. He especially enjoys playing beer league hockey and watching Canucks games. He’s been a Canucks fan for as long as he can remember, a lot longer than having aspirations of becoming an accountant.

It’s true. Pursuing his CPA designation wasn’t a lifelong dream of his. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of British Columbia, majoring in Chemistry of all things. After nearly “burning down” the chemistry lab, it was painfully obvious that science wasn’t for him. In search of a new career path, he found himself enrolling in the Diploma in Accounting program at UBC and hasn’t looked back. Jerry has been in public practice since 2007 and received his CPA, CA designation in 2010.

Things truly changed after discovering the modern world of online accounting and all the awesome cloud accounting apps that came with it! Anywhere access to real-time financial information is today’s standard for accounting and to quote what many clients have told Jerry, “Why would you ever want to work any other way?”


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