Top 5 Products To Make Your Small Biz More Efficient!

If you’ve ever been in a meeting where the projector isn’t working, the coffee is cold, and you are extremely, extremely bored, you will appreciate the excitement a little efficiency can put in the air to make your office run more smoothly.

Here are some snazzy products that will make your small business more efficient!

1. Miroir Mini Projector, $169.99

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Throw your dusty projector out the window (or put it in the office storage cupboard) because it’s time to use a projector that is tiny, portable, and doesn’t need 3 office workers and a new intern to try and get it working.

Say hello to the fabulous Miroir Mini Projector. This tiny projector, that is about the side of a small hand, plugs into a laptop and immediately projects whatever is on your screen onto the object of your choice such as a white wall.

The cool thing about this projector is it also comes with inbuilt speakers so you don’t have to go to the hassle of also carrying speakers with you when you want to do a presentation.

This super easy to use and portable projector will increase your office efficiency and street cred greatly.

2. Automatic Plant Waterer, $13 for a 2 pack

automatic plant waterer, office hacks, office efficiency

Spend less time watering your plants, and more time eating office snacks, by getting some automatic plant waterers.

These nifty gadgets simply need to be filled with water and stuck into the soil of plants providing an open bar-like environment for plants, where they can drink whenever they please.

This will also prevent crispy-plant-syndrome so that when you return from vacations, your plants still look happy and excited to be part of your small business.

3. Automatic dog feeder by PetSafe, $194.99

Automatic dog feeder, office efficiency, office hacks

Office dogs are amazing, except for when they are hungry and start following your new intern around the office whilst the intern is busy trying to set up the office projector.

Take the stress out of feeding for you and your dog by buying a WIFI controlled automatic dog feeder. These feeders can be set up to disperse food at a certain time everyday automatically, or you can release food by tapping a button on your phone.

This automatic dog feeding gadget is perfect for when you have to step out for a business meeting and can’t feed your dog.

4. Online cloud accounting software, varies

office efficiency cloud accounting

Want to automize payments, save money, time and emotional pain?

Sign up to cloud accounting and get a real time overview of what’s happening to your money and do accounting practices easily using the simple online software.

According to Xero, Companies that use 100 percent cloud-based accounting saw a 15 percent year-over-year revenue growth, and according to Forbes, Cloud computing reduces labor costs by 50 percent.

5. Perixx Ergonomic Mouse, $14.99

office efficiency

Do you ever experience wrist or arm pain from using a mouse?

It’s super easy to make your office ergonomic now with the likes of Amazon. Simply order the Perrix Ergonomic Mouse for the price of a lunch and save your arm!

This amazing mouse has a vertical design which allows your hand to move in a natural way stopping it from twisting like it would with a regular mouse.

The mouse also looks extremely beautiful which is a nice plus.

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